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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

HCS launches Web-based health records

Elizabeth Krocke, Therap coordinator, liked working in the agency’s quality assistance department but she jumped at the chance to join the information technology staff and help Heritage Christian Services to transition from paper to electronic record keeping.

What is Therap?
It’s an online reporting system designed to maximize staff communication, documentation accuracy and health record accessibility. Eventually, the system will support nearly 2,000 people served in day habilitation programs, residences and service coordination.

How does Therap affect HCS?
Within just one day habilitation site, we’ve estimated that Therap will save more than 100,000 pieces of paper a year. Imagine that savings across more than 80 sites. The new Web-based profiles can be instantly and securely shared across multiple departments and potentially with other providers. And while there’s been a front-end investment in the software, training and netbooks (mini-laptops), important information about the people we support will be quicker to access and more detailed. Essentially, caregivers will be able to spend less time on paperwork and more time with the people they support.

How has the implementation of Therap been received?
Some staff members were intimidated by Therap, especially those who don’t spend a lot of time using computers. But after just a few days of training and implementation, I can’t think of one employee who hasn’t been thrilled with the system’s convenience and efficiency. That’s something to celebrate!