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Friday, August 17, 2012

Join mom and daughter team as they run 5K on Aug. 25

Michele Lowes and 10-year-old Isabel are participating in the Legacy Mile and 5K thanks to a grant from New York State's Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work, & Play. The grant pays race registration fees for Heritage Christian Services employees and their direct family members and also covers some pre-race training. Employees can still sign up using this form:

Lowes, a service coordinator at Heritage Christian, talks about the grant and running.

1.       What motivated you to register with your daughter? Is this her first race? If not, is this something you do together often?

This will be Bel’s first race. Last year I ran the 5K with my niece, Leah (age 12), who is running again this year. Isabel decided she might walk the 5k with my mom or my sister, but this has motivated her to join Girls on the Run this fall. When I asked Isabel about why she would like to do this with me she said she likes to spend time together. She also understands that being healthy is really important and that she will feel better when she is active and eats well.

Isabel was also motivated to try this because she loves to help people and thought this was one way she could participate. She loves to tell people that I help people at work and loves to be a volunteer. She has been coming with me to Heritage events for several years -- including volunteering at the Annual Dinner and Heart of Dance. I like that she understands that being part of a community means that sometimes you help your community.

2.       What have you done to prepare (as a pair)?

To prepare for this event, Isabel and I have been going on walks and jogs (along with Sofia in the jog stroller) a few times a week together.  We have been having fun exploring trails near our home and making out a weekly plan for when we can squeeze in a walk.

3.       What does a shared activity like this mean to you and Isabel?

Any time away from my family outside of work is tough -- we are a very close knit family. Being able to show support to Heritage as well as spend time with my kids is great. It is also important to me that my kids meet all kinds of people, including people that have disabilities. I want them to understand that just because someone needs help sometimes they are not less of a person -- we all need help sometimes.