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Friday, February 1, 2013

Successful communication starts with authenticity

By Marisa Geitner, president & C.E.O. of Heritage Christian Services

Great communication is key to the success of any organization – especially one like ours with such an important mission. But long lasting success rarely comes from large corporate communications plans. It comes instead from authentic conversations, the kind where all those invested in our mission not only receive information but feel that they, too, have been heard. 

These conversations – planned or spontaneous, between two or among many – set the tone for an entire agency. They are where we learn from one another or push each other away. They are where we strengthen our culture and our commitment to the people we serve or shut down innovative ideas.

So, what can we do?

We can turn off our automatic responses and listen more. We can show emotion and make it easier for people to read us and our intentions. We can talk about what is going right and plan how to make it work even better. We can offer specific feedback that helps people grow and learn. We can take risks and share what’s most important to us and to the people we serve, always with tact so we’re offering dignity and showing respect.

We can model courage and honesty in all that we do because that is the kind of communication that strengthens a great organization.