Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Celebrating ethics

By: Marisa Geitner, President and C.E.O.

On Sept. 28, Heritage Christian Services was awarded the 2015 Ethie Award in the large company division. What a nice recognition for the love and dedication that goes into each and every day of support to our mission.

A show of confidence for those who choose our supports and services. Trusting us as a guide as they lead the way to the outcomes that are most important in their lives.

A testament to our families and their patient support from the time of our founding. Welcoming others into a trusting relationship and supporting them as they navigate the way alongside their beloved family member. 

An honor for our employees who choose every day to serve with excellence. Approaching each interaction with an openness and creativity. Differentiating themselves by the relationships they achieve with those they support.

Demonstrating social responsibility is important for any company but it is essential for a company who supports people. Ethical behavior can't simply be well laid out on paper or achieved through steadfast policy, it must be lived out through every interaction.

The journey to do what is right is also just that, a journey. We haven't arrived, there is much more to be done. We continue to learn how all people can be more present within their communities, have their own voice and exercise greater authority over their own lives – and we continue to see community as a place and as a relationship.

Thank you to all who are on this journey with us.