Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcoming the peace of Christmas

Marisa Geitner and Grandma Favro

By Marisa Geitner, president & C.E.O. of Heritage Christian Services

Some of my most meaningful Christmas memories revolve around Grandma Favro. She lived about six hours away so she would come for extended visits in the summer and at Christmas – her favorite time of the year.

My brothers and I would all be busy with the hustle of the season while Grandma sat for what seemed like hours in front of the tree. Sometimes as we passed by the living room she’d pat the seat next to her on the couch and ask us to sit and look at the lights. She’d invite us to be still.

I always remember the times I did sit, the times I slowed down enough to welcome the peace of Christmas. And I think of that every year when my to-do list gets long and the noise of the season gets loud.

I make it a point to seek silence, to find quiet times to be present in the moment and present with God. That’s my wish for you this year, too. 

May you find time this year to unwrap the gift of Christmas. May you find peace.

Grandma Favro gave Marisa an angel the year she was born. It always sits on top of the Christmas tree.